West Virginia issues permit for Atlantic Coast Pipeline

January 26, 2018

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia’s environmental regulators have approved a construction stormwater permit for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would carry natural gas southeast from the center of the state.

The permit covers stormwater discharge associated with the disturbance of approximately 2,500 acres (about 1,000 hectares) of land for the natural gas pipeline along with a compressor station, meter stations, access roads and interconnects, according to the Department of Environmental Protection. It gives the state agency inspection authority along the entire route in West Virginia including water crossings and uplands, the department said.

The 600-mile (965-kilometer) pipeline would extend almost 100 miles (160 kilometers) through five counties in West Virginia, then cross Virginia and bend through eastern North Carolina. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave project approval in October.

Lead developer Dominion Energy said it expects to get remaining approvals to begin full construction by spring and finish by late 2019...

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