Real Promised Land

We found this website that provided a different opinion to "The Promise Land" movie and are providing it to our energy forum readers: To hear Hollywood tell it, folks out in rural America who are presented with an opportunity to develop their mineral rights and produce clean-burning natural gas for the country have a tough choice on their hands: Don't do it, and you ruin your economy. Do it, and you ruin your environment.



Benefits and opportunities in oil and gas

U.S. oil and natural gas production is higher today than it has been for many years, providing a big boost to the economy at a time of sluggish job and income growth.



Myth vs. Fact on Hydraulic Fracturing

There is no shortage of misinformation regarding the process of hydraulic fracturing, and in particular the fracturing fluids which are used to support the process. As North Carolina policymakers consider increased natural gas development in the state, it's important to separate out the misinformation from the facts.