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Two-Day Shale Gas Development Conference Begins In Raleigh

A two-day conference on shale gas development begins Thursday in Raleigh. Discussions will be centered around the controversial method of drilling for natural gas and what it could bring to North Carolina.



US approves portion of Keystone pipeline

TransCanada has a permit, but not for the larger portion of Keystone, which would transport Canadian oil sands from Alberta.



EPA declares water in Pa. 'fracking' village safe to drink

The U.S. EPA announced it had ended testing of drinking water in the northeastern Pennsylvania community of Dimock and declared it safe to drink.



Experts: Some fracking critics use bad science

In the debate over natural gas drilling, the companies are often the ones accused of twisting the facts. But scientists say opponents sometimes mislead the public, too.



Natural Gas Boom Hints At U.S. Energy Sufficiency

After decades of rising prices, hostile foreign suppliers and warnings that Americans will have to bicycle to work, the world faces the possibility of vast amounts of cheap, plentiful fuel. And the source for much of this new supply? The U.S.



Fracking's associated opportunities

State Rep. Becky Carney, take heart. Your mistaken vote that overturned the governor's veto is likely irrelevant to the long-term fortunes of North Carolina.



NC lawmakers override Perdue's veto of fracking bill

The North Carolina state Senate and House voted Monday to override Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of a bill that would legalize a form of shale gas exploration called fracking.



Marcellus gas cuts price premiums to decade lows

So much natural gas is coming from the Marcellus shale deposit in the U.S. Northeast that costs for utilities are at levels unseen in more than a decade.



OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert for silica exposure in fracking operations

OSHA and NIOSH issued an alert that outlines the health hazards associated with hydraulic fracturing and focuses specifically on exposures to airborne silica.



Report: Fracking not likely to cause earthquakes

A new independent study concludes that fracking is not likely to cause earthquakes, as fracking opponents frquently allege, but there is a greater likelihood of tremors from waste water injection after the well bores have been fracked.