Good for North Carolina

North Carolina’s rich onshore and offshore energy resources hold the potential to make us a leader in American energy production.

Some states have abundant oil resources. Others have plentiful sources of natural gas.   North Carolina is fortunate to have both.  We have potential stores of naturral gas and oil off our coast, and natural gas in the central and northern part of our state.  But we are not yet taking advantages of those opportunities. 

Tapping these resources would provide us with the opportunity to generate new jobs and new tax revenue for our state — as well as help lead the charge to secure America's energy security.

However, we can only access these rich resources and achieve these benefits if our federal and state government create the policies and new regulations that will allow development. 

The good news is we have current regulations in place to build on, strong standards to follow, and the experience from other states to use as a model to move forward.

North Carolina can expand energy development in a way that protects and preserves our communities, our infrastructure and our environment — while reaping the many economic benefits these resources hold.